Monday, August 25, 2008

Hallie Pictures

Our sweet Hallie is 17 months old...and she hasn't been still long enough for me to do my usual month-a-birthday photo shoot. It doesn't help that we have been super busy! So...since updating hasn't been my forte lately, here are some of our favorite pictures of our little girl from the past month (since she'll be 18 months old next week!). Hopefully I can get some good pictures for her 18 month mark.

Hallie loves to climb on top of the end tables. And she loves
"talking" on the phone. So here she is doing her two faves!

War Eagle!!

Our little Hallie fairy princess

"Show us your teethies, Hal!"

While Hallie hasn't actually used the potty, she loves
to sit on it before she gets in the bathtub.
She is getting so big!

Sweet girl!

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