Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's been going on?

Hallie has been a busy girl the past two weeks! Mommy and Daddy have stayed pretty busy, too. So this is a "catch up" post. There are lots of pictures, but I've had to take lots of pictures of everything our sweet girl has been up to lately! First of all, she has really taken off with talking and is frequently using two word phrases. It seems like she says a new word every day! A few new words are: toothpaste, oatmeal, car, and "Hallie". Her favorite phrase right now is "I like that" (which comes out "I-ike-dat". Cute!) Today Jonathan was pointing to himself and me asking who we were. With me, Hallie replied "Mama", with Jonathan she replied "Dada", then he pointed to her and asked "Who is this?" And she replied "Halla"! We were so surprised that she could say her name. Jonathan frequently tries to get her to say her name and she always says "Ha-lalala" (rolling her tongue, babbling)! LOL! She's getting closer. :o) Here are a few pictures from our past couple of weeks. We've all been a little under the weather, but I think we're all beginning to feel 100% better!

Sweet, smiling girl with her new baby doll.

Hallie loves to feed her baby!

Sharing a Smore with Daddy (except
Hallie didn't get any chocolate)

"Num-num" as Hallie would say!

Hallie had an awful diaper rash last week.
She was "airing out" sans diaper in this picture
and insisted upon wearing this little
dress and the socks to bed! It wasn't
a battle we chose to fight, so she "won".
She needs a little victory now and then!

Hallie's going to take after her daddy with having
black eyes as a kid. She was playing too hard and bumped
her sweet 'noggin. She was supposed to have
her 18 months pictures taken the next day.
We cancelled--plus we were all not feeling so great.

Nothing like a fun cup and straw to help
you feel better!

Hallie and I met "Aunt Jen" and Grayson in
Austin for a bit of shopping and lunch. It was fun
to see them both (and to meet Grayson!)!! Hallie loved
rocking Grayson in his carseat (hopefully he doesn't have
whiplash, Jen!) and touching his little feet. :o)

Sweet girl in the bright sunshine. She had a
cute bow in her hair--which she insisted on...
that is until Mommy got out the camera (she
didn't know I had the camera in the above
picture! As soon as she saw the camera, she
threw the bow on the ground. Sigh!

Hallie climbed up to the top of the playground
all by herself!!

AND she slid down without any help!
What a big girl she is!

Giving sweet Grayson kisses

Gramps and Ra-Ra came over this evening. We hadn't
been home from Austin long, but Hallie was ready
to entertain with a bit of "Hallie Hero" (since we
NEVER get to play Guitar Hero) and the
"Hallie Wallie Dance" song! What a way to end a day!


Scroggins Family said...

I LOVE the shoes and socks for bed! Such a little fashion diva=) You are right to pick the battles and just let some go-wait for the big ones to come (like tattoos!) She is getting so big but still so cute=) Hope you are all feeling better soon

The Canada's said...

A fellow guitar-hero lover!! love it!

Kristen said...

New Hallie updates please :o)