Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hallie Screams for Ice Cream!

Hallie loves bath time. Pair bath time with a milkshake and you've got pure bliss! You're going to want to turn down the volume for this one...otherwise you'll hear glasses breaking! I love her excitement. She is such a joy and blessing!



Joy said...

Too cute!! Milkshakes and a bath, what an idea! :)

Charlie LOVES to squeal and hear the sounds his voice can make -- what a loud playdate that would be!

Alison said...

Super cute video!!

Anonymous said...

That's my sweet Hallie! Cute, cute! Hope to see ya'll in a few days. Hope you are feeling better. Love and kisses, Nonna

The Belton Family said...

Hallie loves some milkshake! I wonder who she got that from?