Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday at the Park!

Last Saturday, we spent the day as a family and it was wonderful! We love Saturdays! We woke up, watched Choo-Choo (Thomas the Train), got dressed and headed to IHOP. After devouring fabulous pancakes, we headed to the park. We hoped to find some ducks in the warm weather that Hallie could feed, but didn't. I think I was more disappointed than anyone! ha! After the park, we headed to Toys 'R Us to play around. Hallie had a lot of fun and we did, too! When we got home, Hallie took a nice, long nap and Mommy and Daddy rested as well! It was a very fun Saturday as our little family of three.

We had told Hallie that we were leaving to go look at toys. So all the way to the car, Hallie was chanting "Toys toys toys". Jonathan would say, "There's a bird, see it?" And Hallie would reply, "Yais, I see birds. Toys toys toys!" Jonathan pointed to a squirrel and said, "Look! A squirrel!" Hallie waved and said, "Hi, squirrel. Hi! Toys toys toys!" She is so funny!

**Saturday, 31 January 09**

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Scroggins Family said...

This is precious! At least she knows what she wants:)