Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Austin Children's Museum

Hallie and I met some of our sweet San Antonio friends in Austin for a fun-filled day! Of course, it hadn't rained (except yesterday's small shower) in probably a month. So the day Hallie and I decided to hit the road, what does it do? Yep, it pours...POURS down rain the entire trip to Austin. Sigh. We met The Guinn family (minus Jeremy) at Chick-fil-A for lunch. The kids probably would have been happy staying there, playing; but we had already planned a trip to the children's museum. So after Stephanie and I chatted for a bit while the kids played, we headed to the museum. Neither of us had ever been, but there's a great children's museum in San Antonio and a great one here, in Waco. We were hoping it was just as good. I'm not sure how Stephanie felt about it, but I was a little disappointed. There weren't that many exhibits for the kids to actually play in--although they didn't notice. :o) It was more for older kids, so Sarah (7) had a blast. There was lots of arts and crafts sections and "make your own" sections. There was a toddler section, but it really was more for babies. It didn't stop the kids from having a great time and not wanting to leave when it was time to go! They did have several cute exhibits--a little construction zone, a kitchen, a grocery store and restaurant. There was also a "milk the cow" exhibit...and we actually witnessed a kid take the suction off the teet and lick the "milk" that was going into the can. Eewww. lol. Hallie found a small cow and held it up to the big cow while proclaiming "Itsamatch!" :o)

In the tumble room!

Cute little Austin!

The "Mi Familia" exhibit--Hallie really loved it!

Liam (L) and Austin (R) playing the drums!

Hallie giving it a try--she's a natural!

These two are SO cute together! Hallie is about 2 weeks older
than Austin, so Stephanie and I spent a lot of time together in the
"cry room" at church...that's where Hallie and Austin became
friends. :o) Here they are sharing scissors. Too cute!

A little dollhouse in the construction zone--you
could build your own house.

I couldn't get Austin to smile for me...he's
so stinking cute!

Austin wanted to make sure Hallie was safe while
in the construction zone! Thanks, Austin!

So...Hallie returned the favor. :o)

There was a little train table when you first went into to the
museum...Hallie and Austin could have stayed here the
entire time and been perfectly happy!

Sweet friend, Stephanie!!

Trying to get a picture of the kids...they're all in the
shot...you just can't see their faces. In the front:
Liam, Sarah, Hallie. In the back, Ashley trying to
get Austin in the picture. :o)

Take 2...well, sort of.
Liam, Austin, Sarah, Hallie


The Canada's said...

That place looks like so much fun! By the pictures, they looked like they had a blast!

Austin Children's Museum said...

Thanks for including a visit to Austin Children's Museum in your plans! Glad to see you still enjoyed your visit. If you're looking for at-home activity ideas, keep an eye on our blog - blog.austinkids.org. One activity that comes to mind for the younger kids in making polymer slime - we posted instructions on the blog: http://blog.austinkids.org/2008/07/29/how-to-make-glue-slime/

Thanks again for your visit! Hope you will come by again next time you're in town.

Stephanie Guinn said...

Aww.. I haven't caught up on your blog for a while. Thanks for writing about our visit with you. We had fun spending the day with you and Hallie. I hope we can do it again soon. We miss you!