Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hallie's New Bike {sort of}

Looking for something fun to do outside and as a family, we decided to get a bike seat for Hallie. While I'm not brave enough to put it on my bike, Jonathan is plenty brave enough to put it on his! I really wanted a bike trailer so I could pull Hallie and ride to the park (a few blocks away) during the day. But we decided (OK, J decided) that a bike seat would be smarter. He was right...sort of. We don't know whether or not Hallie would've liked the trailer--she probably would have since it would have been her way of getting to the park. However, she absolutely LOVES the bike seat! With the exception of this past weekend since we were out of town, we've ridden bikes every night. We all get some fresh air and some exercise! :o)

Hallie helping Daddy with the bike seat.

So excited!

Ready to ride!


Alison said...

If you guys have another kid, I highly recommend the trailer. We didn't use it much with just Levi, but the kids love riding in it together and we take it out a lot.

Scroggins Family said...

I would be totally nervous to ride with Emily on my bike!