Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Miss Pattie!

Saturday (May 30th) was Miss Pattie's 60th birthday party! Miss Pattie takes care of sweet Hallie during the day. Hallie took her a watering can to her. Hallie wasn't too sure about seeing Miss Pattie and Miss Lou on a Saturday...she was afraid she might have to stay. Miss Pattie had the party decorated beautifully--I wish I had gotten some pictures of the centerpieces. They were flowerpots with little vines coming down a post with pictures of all the kids she has kept through the years--and she has been in the daycare business for a long time, so there were lots of pictures! Her party was for all of "her kids". It was really special! She had a bouncy house, ice cream, face painting, balloons, and lots more for the kids. They went over to the splash park (at one of our city parks), too. (We didn't do that since Hallie was recovering from strep.) Hallie really enjoyed the bouncy house--it's the first one she's really been in since Abby's birthday party last year. She LOVED it!

Giving Miss Pattie her birthday present.


Jonathan and I needed to run some errands after Miss Pattie's party and Gramps and RahRah kindly offered to take Hallie to Lion's Park to ride the train before going home! We tell Hallie that Mommy and Daddy are going on a date and that she's going to go on a date with Gramps and RahRah. So she'll say, "Have fun on date!" to us as she's waving goodbye! On their date, they rode the train (another Hallie favorite) and then Hallie had to twist their arm to let her ride the carousel. They had my camera and caught some really cute pictures of their little evening together.

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