Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank you, Crayola!

OK...I really do pay attention to my child, I promise. But if you're the parent of a toddler, then you know that even when you're watching them there's potential for them to be "up to something"! Lately, as soon as Hallie wakes up she requests two things--milk and cartoons. She usually wants to watch World World while she's enjoying her first cup of milk for the day. On this particular day, she was laying on her tummy, feet in the air, coloring away. Now, I thought she was coloring in her coloring book. Not so much. She turned around and excitedly said, "Ta da!" Thank goodness this was washable marker!

Now, I thought it was just on her hands...when I
pushed up her sleeves to wash her hands I saw
her purple arms! Oh my word!


The Belton Family said...

If she kept going she would have been a grape! At least she said "Ta Da". Too funny! My neighbor's little girl used green. =)

Kendra said...

Oh my word. Before the washable one, it was one that wasn't! She is a mess!