Saturday, August 22, 2009

School, Miss Pattie's, and Ballerinas

That's what's been going on here lately! I didn't think it had been THAT long since my last post...until I glanced at the date of my own blog today. Hallie would be so disappointed to know that I wasn't updating all of her important happenings! HA! I started back to school last week with one work day and lots of meetings. Sigh. We did have one keynote speaker that was phenomenol. Erik Wahl. The rest of the week was a boring blur--except for the time spent working magic on my classroom to get it ready. This past Thursday was Meet the Teacher night, so I got to meet some of my kids--so far I think they're all fabulous! I'll let you know if I stand by that belief after the first week. :o) I'm certain I will!

Mommy going back to school means that Hallie went back to "school", to Miss Pattie's. The first day, Jonathan and I took her together. She was a litle upset, but Miss Pattie quickly turned her attention to the little kitchen table and new play dishes for the kitchen. There is also a new little girl named Abby who Hallie has really enjoyed playing with, so having a new friend to play with has really made this transition of starting back to school go more smoothly than we thought it would. We prayed for a smooth transition, and we were greatly blessed with one! Praise God!

Ballerinas. Over the summer, I began teaching Hallie some of the basics of ballet. I took ballet for 18 years and taught 3 year olds while in college, so putting Hallie in ballet class has always been one of my hopes. Hallie took to the basics quickly and easily...the stinker has rhythm and really loves to dance. After researching ballet schools, I found two that accepted two year olds. One of them stuck out in my mind...after reading the school philosophy, I knew it's where we should take Hallie. They're commited to teaching excellence for God's glory. They teach tap and jazz tastefully, not suggestively. (So important!) And their performances remain all ballet. While I would love to see my little stinker doing a shuffle ball change across the stage (that's tap for all you non-dancers), I find ballet absolutely beautiful.

So...this morning we registered Hallie for pre-ballet with Deborah Korpi's School of Classical Ballet. Mrs. Korpi is super sweet and thought Hallie was the cutest thing. She couldn't believe that Hallie knew first position (ballet)...Hallie shyly showed Mrs. Korpi her ballet skills...while hiding--Mrs. Korpi didn't get a great view of her first position. The wonderful part of this morning was the advanced ballet class that was in session...and there were cupcakes (Hallie was sold on the idea of taking ballet! HA! She's probably going to think there will be cupcakes every time!). Hallie was completely in awe of watching the ballerinas. While getting ready this morning, I told Hallie she would get to watch some big girls do ballet at registration, so the rest of the morning she kept saying "I get to see big girls ballet!" She was so excited! Hallie loved watching the girls dance, and did her own version of waht they were doing. It was extremely cute! When it was time to leave, Hallie did not want to go. She kept saying "I'm ready to do ballet!" I told her that she would get to start very soon (her first class is September 15). Then out of nowhere she said, "I need to get ballet shoes." Well...yes she does. But we didn't get them today b/c I knew she would want to wear them every day!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited about Hallie taking ballet. I think she is going to love it. And I'm going to love watching her! :o) It's going to be a great discipline for her, too. Now...what's next? Piano lessons? :o)


Alicia said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to see pics of sweet Hallie in her dance gear. :o) I'm counting down the months until I can enroll Madi.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to see my little ballerina! I know she will love it. Now Nonna and Pop will have to figure out a way to make two recitals! :-)

Joy said...

can't wait to see pictures!

Alison said...

I can't wait until Kara is old enough for dance - please share all of hallie's adventures in dance!