Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Track @ Gulf Shores

One morning, we headed to The Track--an amusement park for little ones (and big kids at heart). Abby had been extremely excited about going here since we passed it on our way to the condo our first day in Gulf Shores! There was a little "Kids Kountry" part that had rides for the little ones. Inside, there were your typical arcade games. And then there was the Go Kart tracks--two sets. While the weather had been pleasant at the beginning of the week, the sun chose to shine down rather hotly this particular day. Nothing some popcorn and an Icee wouldn't fix for Hallie, though! Thank goodness for the indoor arcade with air conditioning. We had a dolphin cruise planned for later in the day, but we had to cancel it because there just wasn't enough to time to play, nap, eat, and cruise, too. Maybe next time!

HG wouldn't ride any of the little rides at the park,
but decided she'd try out the Jetson's car with Hallie!

Right before Hallie decided she did not want to
ride in a Go Kart (much to Jonathan's dismay).

Abby and Hallie

On the little train's caboose!

I was surprised, but Hallie LOVED the swings!

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