Sunday, October 4, 2009


My little pumpkin has the silliest personality. I just LOVE it! Tonight I took a shower in the guest bath and had forgotten my shampoo. I asked Jonathan (and Hallie) if they'd get my shampoo for me. Jonathan asked Hallie if she wanted to help him get my shampoo. She stopped, looked at him puzzled and said, "Shampoop?!" Jonathan looked back at her with a little giggle and said, "Shampoop?" And Hallie burst into fits of giggles. The duo returned with my shampoo and Jonathan prompts Hallie to tell me what she has. She shyly says, "I have your shampoop" while waiting for my reaction (which she OF COURSE received). I give the little girl what she wants with my surprised, "Shampoop?! What?!" And she returns to fits of giggles. And those giggles lasted probably 15 minutes after giving me my, shampoop. :o) I could hear the giggles from her room. She would say, "Shampoop!! Bwhahaha!" So silly!

It's nice to know that my two year old has a sense of humor...and that she thinks poop is funny. Because let's all be real with is pretty funny. :o)

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Anonymous said...

Shampoop!! Silly girl and a very cute one at that!! Hugs & kisses, Nonna