Monday, November 30, 2009

Almost December

We can't believe how quickly the Christmas season has come upon us! Tomorrow, Hallie's elf--Whitney--will begin her mischievous ways! I'm so excited. I know Hallie will be, too! I was looking for something specific--I can't remember what now--and began reading older posts from last December. It absolutely amazes me how quickly a year has quickly Hallie has changed from a pre-toddler to an absolute toddler, almost a little girl! I miss her baby days, I miss her pre-toddler days...but I have to say that her eagerness to learn and her spunky personality right now are going to have me longing for the days right now in the future. I love this stage in her life--everything is new, everything is fun, everything is a learning experience.

While browsing older posts, I found one that made Jonathan and me smile from ear to ear. It was Hallie saying "Merry Christmas" in her very own way. Click HERE if you're interested in a good giggle and a little "awww". :o)

I'll let you know if Hallie approves of Whitney's silliness. :o) She should be landing tomorrow!

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