Thursday, November 5, 2009

Princess Hallie

Hallie really does love all things princess lately. She spotted a little broom I was using earlier and remembered her broom was outside (probably left out there this past summer!)...and she needed it! So Daddy dutifully went on the patio in search of the broom. And it was exactly where Hallie said it was--she has such a great memory! She immediately started sweeping. She went out into the garage and was sweeping. I asked her if she was Cinderella and she replied, "Yeah, I Cinderella...I'm sweeping." lol. She cracks me up! When we came inside, the princess play continued. She has recently started adding the actual "n" sound on the end of words (crown, for example) and trying to make the "l" sound within words. She's doing a great job at both. :o) Hallie is becoming less and less attached to the paci, so I know that's a big reason that she has started these letter sounds...although, she did say crown correctly with the paci last night, so who knows! I'm definitely no speech pathologist, but I do promote correct speech. :o) The second video is hilarious...she's obviously a little tired of me asking her to say "crown" and "Cinderella". Which, by the way, "Cinderella" was said almost more clearly than in the video...but she's concentrating so hard on saying the "l" sound. Before it was more like "Cindareh-a". :o) She's a sweetie pie! I think we'll keep her!

"Who's your favorite princess?" Hallie simply replies, "Me."

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