Saturday, December 5, 2009

This and That

Today was a day of was wonderful! Hallie woke up around 9:30 (!!) and we all lounged in Mommy and Daddy's bed until about 10:00 watching cartoons. Then Hallie was ready for her breakfast. Ha! After a hearty helping of oatmeal and a cheese omelet, we continued our lazy day. :o) We played, we cleaned (well, just the dishes), we chatted...then it was nap time! Jonathan lounged on the couch while Hallie and I headed to the bed...we snuggled for about 10 minutes before we were both out! About an hour and a half later (not quite long enough), I heard, "Mommy? Mommy...want to get up?" When I said not yet, she snuggled up close. About five minutes later she asked me the same question. :o) Then I sent her to get Daddy up. He sent her to get me up. We played this game of ping pong for about 30 minutes until we were all up! After that we headed to meet Gramps, RahRah, and Grandmom at the mall so Hallie could pick out an ornament with Gramps and RahRah.

We asked Hallie if she'd like to tell Santa what she'd like for Christmas and she said she did, but she didn't want her picture taken. Ha! We waited in a surprisingly short line to chat with Santa. Hallie wasn't too keen on sitting on his lap, but then decided she would...and let Mommy get a picture (we'll have to get that scanned). :o)

It was a very relaxing Saturday! We even got the tree decorated...but we're missing a few things: our tree skirt, the Fontanini nativity set, and some ornaments. I guess they got buried in the garage closet when Jonathan cleaned out the garage and put a lot of things in the closet. Oh well! :o)
The princess before seeing Santa

With her ballerina Nutcracker ornament

Hallie wore a camisole under her reindeer shirt
and was SO excited about it...she wanted to
just wear the camisole! Ha!

Our Christmas tree...finally decorated but
missing a proper tree skirt!

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