Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Potty Time!

Hallie has shown some interest in the potty since she was about 18 months (or so). We haven't pushed her to be "potty-trained". I just don't want to make an issue out of it. Hallie is very strong-willed, so my thought is the harder I push her to use the potty, the less likely it will be very fun for either of us. For the past few months, Hallie has been telling us when she needs to potty...just not consistently. She'll still go in the corner to do her business and then almost immediately ask for a clean Pull-Up (well, sometimes...and sometimes she doesn't want to be changed at all. I know, eww!). Today we stopped by Target to buy another package of Pull-Ups. We ended up getting the 44 pack. I said this to Jonathan: soon as we buy the larger package, she'll be potty-trained. Then I asked Hallie if she wanted to make a potty chart. I've wanted to do this, but honestly just haven't made the time to do so.

Side note: Several people mentioned putting M&Ms in the bathroom and rewarding Hallie with one after she used the potty. First of all, eww. I do not want food in my bathroom. I won't even chew gum while I'm going to the bathroom...I know, probably far too much information! HA! Second of all, Hallie already likes M&Ms and this probably would not be worth it to her. :o)

Back to the potty chart. Hallie picked out some VERY cute princess stickers and some poster board. She was super excited about helping me make the potty the end, she didn't do much helping. She just drew a picture while I made it. It's nothing fancy, nothing special...but I think it will be a great help toward Hallie becoming more independent with going to the potty. After Hallie gets 10 stickers, she'll get a surprise. When all of the boxes are filled, we're hoping she'll be either completely potty-trained or well on her way! :o) Preferably the first one.

It's already working wonderfully! We made the chart around 3:00...and it's a little after 6:00 now and Hallie already has FIVE stickers (two more since I took the pictures below! Wow!)! It's amazing to me to even realize how often she needs to go to the potty; and amazing to see her learning how to recognize the signs of needing to go to the potty. Of course, she gets one sticker for "tee-teeing" in the potty and two stickers for...well, making a stinky. :o) In this 3 hour span, Hallie had one accident and one almost accident. We're not sure how we're going to transfer all of this to Miss Pattie's (her little daycare) or if it's something we're just going to do at home. Suggestions?

Hallie is SO proud of herself! :o) We're pretty
proud of our little girl, too!

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