Saturday, January 23, 2010


We're constantly drawing, writing, or painting here...and Hallie has quite the little creative streak in her. She has been recognizing letters for a while now and even writing a few--especially the "H" and circles. Being a teacher, it's just in me to try to be constantly teaching her. But I've been really patient when it comes to teaching her to write her name and draw different things. I will sit down with her and show her how to write her name...but most of the time she just isn't interested. And I make myself be OK with that...I don't want to be the mom who pushes and pushes her to do things to the point that she hates the act of learning. That wouldn't be any fun! Today was a different story on the learning front! Hallie crawled up on the couch with me with her little Doodle Pro (one of my most favorite purchases to date!) and began drawing. I asked her if she could draw my utter surprise, she drew a line, added a head, and then added some arms! I asked where the legs were, so she added them. Then I said, "Oh Hallie, that's great...but what about a face?!" So she added two eyes, a nose, and a mouth! She continued to draw Mommy and Hallie. A few times she would draw an extremely large head, laugh, and erase it while saying, "That head is TOO BIG!" :o) Wow! When she tired of drawing, she said she was going to write her name...she wrote her H...then a few Ls, then an I...I asked if I could help her. She actually "allowed me to"! Ha! So I wrote her name on the top of the board and told her what letter to write each time. The ONLY part I helped her with was by saying, "the A is a circle with a line beside it"...and with the E. She drew a circle and I told her she needed to add a little half circle to the bottom. She did great! I can't wait to be allowed to give a few more lessons! :o)

From L to R: Daddy, Mommy, & Hallie

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! That is great! Here's one teacher (and Nonna) who is VERY proud of her. She is so smart!! Wonder who she takes after?? heehee