Monday, February 8, 2010

A Nonna Box!

This past Monday, we pulled into the driveway and saw a box sitting beside our front door. I said, "Oh Hallie! A box!" She said, "I wonder what it could be!" I told her that I wondered who it could be from. As she sat there for the 10 seconds it took to pull into the garage, she finally said, "I know! I bet...I's's a NONNA BOX!" I burst into laughter. Then said again, "A NONNA BOX...FOR ME!" lol While I knew that Nonna had, in fact, sent a Valentine package for Hallie and that it was probably going to be the box Nonna had sent...I was briefly worried that it wasn't going to be from Nonna. No worries, WAS a "Nonna Box"! Ha! Hallie examined the label, found her name, and said, "It IS for me!" :o) Sweet girl. We could not get that box in the house fast enough...Hallie was very excited!

I always like to document the events of opening a box from Nonna so that my mom can get an idea of just how excited Hallie is. While I absolutely hate we live so far away from my parents, it is quite exciting to get packages from them. Hallie loves it! And of course, she loves THEM!

Instant excitement as she opened the box. She exclaimed, "A bear!" when she first saw the stuffed animal...then she pulled it out and said, "Oh, wait...that's not a bear, it's a doggy!" :o)

Of course, Hallie loves her new princess wand...the little girl loves anything princess. Anything, I tell you. She is constantly "turning us into" something else..."What do you want to be?" is the question we hear more than anything right now. Precious!

Princess cakes?! Hallie loves these. It was so funny...she opened the box and started emptying its contents. She looked at me, puzzled, and asked, "Where's the plate?!" LOL! There IS a plate on the front of the box...and Hallie expected it to be inside. Hilarious. She quickly found a plate of her own and put two princess cakes on it and cut one in half. Then she said, "There. Just like the picture." LOL. My word!

And what else is needed but a princess crown to go with all the other princess goodies. Hallie can never have enough princess least that's what she thinks!

Now...what "Nonna Box" would be complete without a new pair of shoes? Hallie now expects to get new shoes. And honestly, so does mommy. Ha! Hallie was VERY excited to get a new pair of shoes and had to quickly put them on!

This book is absolutely precious, and Hallie loves it! Hallie would have loved any book, I'm sure, but this is such a sweet book. It's a rhyming story which Hallie just loves! Very cute!

More princess goods! A sweet little necklace...Hallie can change out the princess pendant in it!

Hallie's Nonna Box stash...she was so excited. She got this outfit, too--adorable. And she loves it! Thanks, Nonna, for Hallie's Valentine Nonna Box! :o)

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Anonymous said...

I am SO glad that she liked her Nonna box! :-) She looks so cute in her tutu outfit. Can't wait to see ya'll. Love, hugs, and kisses, Nonna