Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break in Alabama! plan for my Spring Break was to catch up the blog. Mainly, I wanted to upload pictures from Hallie's birthday party. However, that's absolutely impossible to do when the memory card that houses all of those pictures is in my laptop; and my laptop is in Texas. Sooooo...yeah, no pictures until I return. It makes me sad because I really wanted to have the blog caught up, but that's OK. :o)

My parents were visiting the week of Hallie's birthday and we had an absolute blast. Hallie's birthday party was fantastic--she had several little friends there and they just had a ball playing and jumping! We took Hallie to eat at her favorite restaurant (other than Chick-fil-A), Cheddar's, and then had a cookie cake at home. The rest of the week was spent with Hallie saying, "I'm ready to go to Alabama. I want to go to Nonna and Pop's house." Finally, the day arrived for us to head to Alabama. We left a sad Daddy behind--he's going to miss his girls. He already does, I'm sure! The trip to Alabama was a long one. We left at 8 am and arrived at my parents' house around 1 am. Sigh! We made lots of stops to let a certain little girl stretch and take potty breaks. It was during one of those stops that I realized I had left my memory card at home. We had stopped at the welcome center in Mississippi--right on the Mississippi River and it was GORGEOUS outside. It was during the "golden hour" of photography and I was super excited to take some pictures of Hallie with my new camera. However, all that was shot down upon my realization. My dad didn't even have an extra memory card. Needless to say, another was purchased as soon as possible! Overall, though, she did great to be riding straight through. I must admit that I'm extremely glad to be flying back on Saturday, though! :o)

Hallie has loved being able to play with her cousins, Abby and Hattie Grace. They're all pretty cute running after each other. Abby is in school this week, but hopefully Hallie will get to see her as soon as school is out each afternoon. We all went to the park earlier today and the kids had a blast!

So far it has been a wonderfully relaxing Spring Break! Today while Hallie was napping, I grabbed my book and headed outside. It was glorious! The weather was the low 70s! And while the weather is supposed to be yucky the rest of the week, I soaked in the sunshine and beautiful weather today! :o)

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