Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is HERE!

We love Spring time! It means beautiful weather--not too hot, not too cold. We can collect a few bugs. Snap a few pictures. Ride scooters, dance in the driveway AND walk around barefoot. :o)

Collecting bugs

Riding the scooter Hallie got for her 3rd birthday!

"Smile Hallie," says Mommy. This is what I got! HA!

But then I got THIS!! :o)

Dancing. HA!

We visited Baylor University today to get Hallie a Baylor t-shirt! We have to support them tomorrow afternoon in the Elite Eight! Sic 'em Bears!

My loves!

This picture just reminds me of how quickly time is going to pass with Hallie...before long she might be walking on this sidewalk (in front of the student center) as a college freshman. OR perhaps she'll be at Auburn! :o) Either way, I've gotta treasure these moments with her!


Amy said...

Kendra, She is adorable and growing so fast! I love her hairband/bows, too cute! Good to see you, looks like you are really enjoying your precious family :)

Texana Staff said...

Looking at Carroll Science Building. Go Bears!