Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hang on Tight! Christmas 2010 Recap!

Alright, y'all. Here we go with a recap of Christmas 2010! Hang on tight! :o)

Christmas 2010 with The Echols Fam...this was a very quick gathering before we left for Alabama. I wish I had more pictures!

Hallie opening an electronic US states puzzle puzzle from Aunt Charlene.  She loved it!

RahRah and Gramps got Hallie a "dance with me" ballerina!  A definite hit!

And with her ballerina, her very own ballet mat and barre! :o)  She loves being a ballerina!

Christmas 2010 with the Morris Fam in Alabama...we drove in the middle of the night and it was the best thing we have ever done!  Hallie fell asleep around 9:30 or so and didn't wake up until the sun began rising!  Of course, when the sun came up, we still had about 3 hours before being at Nonna and Pop's house, so those three hours were packed with A LOT of "are we there yet"! :o)

Whitney made the trip to Alabama so she could catch her ride with Santa...and she and her elf cousin, Tatum, got into a lot of trouble one night! :o)

Christmas Eve...Jonathan read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to the girls

One last picture with their sweet elves!
Hattie Grace with Jenna
Abby with Tatum
Hallie with Whitney

Santa stopped by! :o)

Hallie must have been a little overwhelmed with everything...she just wanted to sit down and paint before looking at everything Santa brought! :o)

Ha!  Hallie in the middle of it all!

A view of all the damage...

One last gift for Hallie...Daddy gave her her very own James Avery ring with a little heart on it.  This was the only thing she asked for..."real jewelry like Mommy". :o)  Love her!

And after we read the Christmas story, ate breakfast, and opened presents...it began to snow.  There was a LOT of snow!  We were surprised...and Hallie did her typical thing--began eating it!  Ha!  

After our family Christmas, we loaded up and headed to my Aunt Becky's house for the Morris Family Christmas.  It was a wonderful time of visiting with family!  Hallie got to see her sweet cousin, Nora.  These two are SO silly together and just love being around each other--I love it!

This is my parents' house the day after Christmas!

Hallie had a blast playing in the snow!

Covered in snow!  She was SO cold!  

After eating a few hands-full of snow!

Nonna, Hallie, and Bitty Baby...notice Hallie's holding open Bitty Baby's eyes!  LOL!  She had lazy eyes, so we had to send her back to North Pole and do a quick exchange. :o)

Sweet friends!  Aren't these two pretty girls! 
Hallie and Cailin

Sweet friends--just like their mommas!

The whole bunch--Noah (my godson), Hallie, Mason, and Cailin

Goodness gracious, these kids are cute!

Love this!

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