Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Fun

The Ladybug Game...this is Hallie's new favorite game.  And let me tell you, Jonathan and I love it, too!  It is the sweetest little game; and it was created by a first grader! :o)  This game is wonderful for your preschooler!  It will definitely be a go-to birthday present for us.  Hallie has learned so much--counting, reading the words "move ahead" and "go back"...she has learned to play fairly and to be a good sport if she doesn't win (though she usually wins!).  In the game, four ladybugs are trying to get back to their home.  You have to get past a praying mantis (either by sliding across the branch) or with a Mantis Pass that says "BUG OFF MANTIS" card (and don't be afraid to scream it)!  lol. Along the way, you collect aphids...and you'd better hope you have ten of them by the time you get to the angry ants or you'll be stuck in a continuous loop before ever getting home.  It is truly an adorable game that Jonathan and I don't mind playing with Hallie over and over again. 

(You'll have to excuse the appearance of my two was Saturday morning and we had all just gotten up! HA!)

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