Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mommy's Birthday

Today I turned 34.  Yep.  Sometimes I find it really difficult to remember how old I am.  I certainly don't feel *34* (whatever 34 is supposed to feel like).  So I am very fortunate to have Hallie.  She knows how old I am.  And if she doesn't, I just have to think of how old she is and add 30 to it. :o)

For my birthday, we took a little day trip to Dallas to take Hallie ice-skating. :o)  We were dressed for the warm weather we had been having in Waco only to have it dip into the 50s when we were in Dallas.  It was CHILLY! Thankfully, we had on jeans and a few sweaters (for ice skating).  We did a little shopping, ice skated, and then had a late lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  It was a wonderful birthday with my two favorite people!  

Now...birthday picture overload! :o)

 Hallie showing off her green band--she got to ride the carousel as may times as she wanted!

Ready for her first time on the ice!  She was SO excited!

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