Sunday, July 17, 2011

I would say I haven't had time to blog, but I'd be totally lying.  I've had all the time in the world.  I have been at my parents' house for a little over a month.  However, the internet connection there isn't fast enough for me (I'm a little spoiled), so I laid out by the pool and swam with my cutie pie and two adorable nieces instead of blogging.  Forgive me?  (Thanks, Kyetra, I knew you would!)

As I sit down tonight to catch all [five] of you up on what's been going on in the world of Hallie Shea, I'm sad to relay that I have no pictures to share.  That's right.  None.  Well, I's just that they're sitting on the countertop in my parents' house (in Alabama).  And I'm sitting on the couch in my house (in Texas).  See how those two things just don't jive?  Yeah.  So...when my dad flies out next week, he'll be carrying precious cargo (a DVD with 8 GB of pictures).  Of course, then it'll probably take me another month to sit down and actually update the blog.  Maybe not.

At any's what you've missed:
*Hallie's dance recital with Joy's School of Dance
*Two weeks of swim lessons for Hallie
*Heading to Alabama...that means lots of friends and lots of swimming
*The Wizard of Oz movie on the big screen at The Alabama Theater in Birmingham
*Jonathan spending a week with us in Alabama
*My niece being baptized (and Hallie asking her aunt if Abby and HG could "spending the night" during the baptism)
*Lots of relaxing (so if I'm honest, there really probably aren't a whole lot of pictures)

So...hopefully it won't really take me a month to update. :o)  Here's hoping...

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Kyetra said...

OK - so I will forgive you, but you need to contact the other 4 readers and make sure that they will too. ;0