Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Times!

When Stephanie and I were both single ladies (all the single ladies, all the single ladies...er, sorry), we would often take trips to visit the other.  I'd drive to Birmingham and spend the weekend and then we'd trade off and Steph would drive to Atlanta for the weekend.  I honestly can't tell you at what point Stephanie and I became best friends--it certainly wasn't when we were making fun of each other behind Mawmaw's house...although maybe that was a test to see how much the other could take (ha).  I don't think it was when she called me a snob when I was about 10 years old or when I tried to get her to kiss our cousin. (Sorry about that...and if you don't remember that, just pretend I didn't just write that).  At any rate, we are now the best of friends.  Morris blood runs pretty thick in both of us, so I guess you could say we had that friendship coming.  Yeah, I didn't think that made any sense either.  We're family.  We're friends.  How's that?  E-mails go back and forth daily...and if for some reason they don't (yeah, we both have to work...we've GOT to talk to our bosses about some free time during the day for e-mailing), we miss those e-mails.  Well, I can speak for myself when I say that I miss Stephanie's e-mails.  She's probably glad to not get some whining e-mail from me.  HA.  At any rate, usually when I'm home we're able to squeeze (and I mean squeeze) in some time together.  But this time, we got to see each other THREE times.  It was bliss!  It almost made me feel like we didn't live 14 hours apart.  And I finally got to see their adorable new house (I'm a little jealous of its cuteness!).  And even better than that, Hallie and Nora got a lot of playtime together and Steph and I got a lot of gab time together.  This particular day, Hallie and I drove to Birmingham to see their new place (new...well, new to me; they've been in it a year now).

 Look at the smiles on these two!  These two crack me up! 

It's such a shame these two didn't have any fun!

What did Wes think this tent was?  A dog?  Poor thing.  LOL.

Beautiful Nora (Hallie was being a toot and wouldn't sit by Nora...why, b/c I wouldn't let her wear Nora's flip flops.  haha)

I think this was maybe before they nearly flipped the swingset over b/c they were swinging so high. Steph and I had to anchor both sides down.  Haha.

Let's see...this may have been take 50 with the self-timer.  Oh well.  It documents the day and Steph is gorgeous as always!  And no, we didn't plan on dressing alike.  Great minds just think that way.

Actual Date: 06.29.11

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Stephanie said...

this is your best post ever! haha. that was a wonderful day. i'm so glad we got to spend so much time together. and i absolutely love the pic of nora by herself, even if hallie was being a toot. ;o) all together great day!