Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pop Pop Pop!

Happy Birthday to our Pop!  He flew from Birmingham to Waco on his birthday...and that was a long day for him.  His request--to not go out to eat.  Ha!  So, we cooked some fish (his favorite) and had some cupcakes from Simply Delicious Bakery.  Oh my!  Those cupcakes were divine!  And if you can see the two on the back left...those are sugar cookie cupcakes.  Too good for words.  So good that I got another dozen just last week and we devoured ate them all at once over the course of the week. :o)  Ha!


Gramps also celebrated a July birthday...the 24th!  He and RahRah went out of town to celebrate--wish we could've spent it with him and hope he had a super duper day!

Actual Date: 07.26.11

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