Thursday, December 1, 2011


The past few days have, stressful (moreso than usual when you're in a small room with 21 six year olds all day long.  All.  Day.  Long.) and today I needed to take care of myself.  After taking care of myself, I proceeded to share a little of the excitement of Hallie's "All Day Paint Day Extravaganza".  Oh boy.  Maybe I should've just gone back to school.  I kid, I kid.  I had the best time watching sweet little faces with the most innocent eyes enjoy their treat.

See, as all teachers do, we offer little rewards for behavior.  Sometimes we offer a reward that isn't quite attainable...a reward that might be *a lot* of work for the teacher.  Sometimes that reward is never reached.  But in the case of Hallie's class...theirs was.  Hal's teacher said something along the lines of this (I'm certain on a particularly trying day...otherwise she just might be crazy--lol...again, I kid.  We love her!):  If we get 10 days on green, then we'll have an all day painting day.  Well...70 days after school started, those kids met that goal!  I believe her words were, "I didn't think they'd get it so quickly." :o)  Ahh...PreK.  Ha.

Nevertheless, Hallie's teacher stayed true to her word.  The second that tenth cotton ball went into the jar and the kids' memory started working overtime remembering her promise, Mrs. B began planning this ADPDE (which is what came home on newsletters and took me the longest time to figure out).  It was a hit!  The kids had stations that they rotated through during the day, and then after lunch they got to "paint the fence"--butcher paper was taped along the fence and the kids went to town.  They were super cute and had a blast.  

We are very thankful that our sweet Hal has such a fun-loving, creative teacher.  She is just what Hallie needed this year!

Get ready for a painting picture extravaganza! haha

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Kyetra said...

I love this! Hallie really does have a special teacher.
I love the photo of her with painting the fence. Her "Hallie" is just perfect.