Friday, December 23, 2011

Waco Christmas

 We headed to Alabama the Friday before Christmas, so we had Christmas with the Jonathan's family Thursday night before heading out the next morning.  Hallie enjoyed spending that time with Gramps and RahRah.  She received some very special gifts from them--a beautiful framed cross-stitched poem (Now I lay me down to sleep...) and a very sweet picture album of her year.  Both are super special!

Hallie in front of the tree at Gramps and RahRah's house--she can't smile b/c she has a cough drop in her mouth.  Ha!

A keyboard from Aunt Charlene (RahRah's sister) & Uncle Richard...I know we are going to have tons of fun with this.  Hallie loves making music and trying to figure out little tunes. :o)

A very special Barbie from Uncle Donnie (Gramps's brother) & Aunt Irene.  

Hallie's year in review book. :o)

Hal and Gramps looking through Hallie's picture book.

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