Monday, February 20, 2012

Rule #8

Rule #8 Never miss a very important party.
This is Olivia.  Olivia the Pig.  And she is a witty, smart, funny, creative, and spunky 6 year old pig on Nick Jr.  She's also the focus for Hallie's 5th birthday party.  After searching high and low for the perfect Olivia, my super sweet and extremely talented husband drew her out (er, created her on a computer) for me. :o)  Didn't he do a super job?!  I probably could have bought the image on or found it somewhere...but he saved me.  And now I (and by "I", I mean he) can create all the Olivia paper goodness I want!

This is a first for us.  We are actually having a "character" birthday party.  However, I'll do my best to take as much of the character theme out of it as possible.  I'm not a huge fan of character parties.  But Hallie loves Olivia the Pig.  And we do, too.  So Hallie will be having her Biggest Big Day with Olivia. :o)  I have found tons of cute ideas online...but since we're having her party somewhere other than at home, we have to abbreviate some of the decor.

Here are our inspiration plates that we'll have at the party along with solid aqua and red:

I really love traditional party hats.  But I'm having a hard time finding the colors I want.  I did find this, though, and I love it.  I'm hoping my mom and I can whip these up!
Blog Photo

Drinks...I'll take off the wrappers and put ribbon with an Olivia tag on them:

Kids will be given these fun straws for their drinks:
Striped Paper Straws: Aqua

We'll have a candy buffet and the treats will be put in here:
Favor Bag ...............  AQUA DOTS

And I (and Hallie, too, I'm sure) want lots of polka dot balloons like these:
Giant 36" Big Dot Balloon Robins Egg BlueGiant 36" Big Dot Balloon _ White w/ White DotsGiant 36" Big Dot Balloon Ruby Red

The "Sweet Shop" buffet will include:
*Giant Pixie Sticks
*Strawberry Sour Punch Straws
*Pink/Red/White M&Ms (thank you Valentine's Day)
*Swedish Fish
*Strawberry Frooties (like Tootsie Rolls but so delicious)
*Peppermint balls (the ones that melt in your mouth)

The only problem I'm having is coming up with an actual food menu.  Sure we'll have a sugary sweet treat table.  We'll have yummy cupcakes and possibly cakes and cookies.  But nothing to actually keep the kids from throwing up all over place from jumping around and partaking in more sugar than I'm sure they're used to.  If you have ideas about what sweet kiddies could eat at the party, let me know.  Otherwise I'll just stick to my chicken fingers and chips. :o)

Here are links to Hallie's past birthdays!  I still cannot believe she is ALMOST FIVE!

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Stephanie said...

well, if i remember correctly, olivia's favorite meal is spaghetti (it's been awhile since we've watched so that might be wrong) but that would be a little messy for a birthday party. i see nothing wrong with chicken fingers and chips. everything else looks sooo cute!