Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little Cubbies Roar

Hallie has completed her first year as an Awanas Cubby!  She has really enjoyed going to Cubbies each week where they learn and recite Bible verses, play games, and learn more about Jesus!  The last night was a little awards ceremony followed by lots of laughter, playing, and ice cream. :o)

Singing the Cubbies song

Getting her little award. :o)

Ready for ice cream!

Sweet friend, Memory...

...these two are rather silly!

Hallie sang the Cubbies song for us on the way home. :o)

We are so thankful for the teachers who worked with Hallie and the other kids throughout the year!  They are very special people, and we know Hallie is learning to hide the Word of God in her heart! :o)

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