Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day started off...early!  And by early, I mean that Hallie had to be at church for the early service at 9:30 to sing with the Cherub Choir.  She sang again at the 10:30 service (our usual).  It was precious, and it was a lovely beginning to Mother's Day despite the fact I had a really, really hard time getting her out the door to be to church on time. :o)

After church, we headed to Jonathan's parents' house for lunch.  As a Mother's Day treat for RahRah, we took her picture with her two grandbabies.  I think Jonathan took 200 pictures (I'm only exaggerating by about 50).  It was quite hard to get smiles out of one of the littles...I won't name any names. ;o)

Take 1...

Hallie's smile is already fading...

Maybe some tickles will help...nope.  So serious. :o)

How about sharing Hallie's toy?'s interesting enough.  

Gramps came out and got a few smiles. :o)

And after 10 minutes of taking pictures, Hallie was *not* interested in a Mommy & Hallie picture.  This is the only picture we got...the end of Hallie's smiles.  Ha!

Then Hallie just *had* to show Daddy the tiny little tomatoes that RahRah is growing. 

After the little photo shoot, we headed inside for lunch.  It was delicious...good food, good company.  We opened a few presents and spent the rest of the afternoon resting.  It was a wonderful day, and I felt completely loved!

And on this Mother's Day, I am so blessed to be the Mommy to the most precious little girl in the world (and another precious one on the way!).  Hallie challenges me to be a better Mommy, and I cannot imagine loving her anymore than I already do.  She is such an incredible little being! :o)

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