Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My sweet girl.

Hallie had a great Labor Day...her sweet daddy took her to Hawaiian Falls Waterpark so she could use her free ticket. She had a blast...and he had fun simply because Hallie had fun. She was very tired and after watching a movie, she was fairly ready to get a bath and get in the bed. Jonathan told me their discussion about what to wear to school. She would ask him what he thought she should wear and upon his answer, she would get that item. Shorts, skirt, or dress? Skirt. What color shirt? Pink. And he said she Lao everything out. When I went in to kiss her goodnight once more...everything was ready for tomorrow morning. I just pray sweet Hallie is ready.

Will you join me in praying for her? She absolutely LOVES school...but she hates (HATES) lunch time. And she had this problem at her old school. We know it will eventually resolve itself, but for the time being it is quite unnerving. We are guessing she gets a little apprehensive about being in such a large room with so much noise and very little adult supervision since the teachers have duty-free lunch (thank goodness...although I could easily lose 20 pounds if I had to eat in the cafeteria with my students on a daily basis. When we ask her why she dislikes lunch so much, we get the same answers: it is loud, it is so long (the teachers would all beg to differ!), it smells yucky (agreed), all the kids eating their food is gross (also agreed), and so on. I pack her lunch daily...so it's food she likes, but it goes uneaten until I pick her up. So often times, it is wasted. We want her to be comfortable and enjoy lunch. Please pray that her nerves would be calmed, that she wouldn't dread going to school just because of lunch, and that she would be able to eat her lunch so she can have energy the rest of the day.

Back to her sweetness...she is ready for school tomorrow! :o) She even has her cool shell necklace she got from the waterpark and her Big Sister charm bracelet hanging on a hanger. :o) Hopefully she will have a pinktastic day!

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Kyetra said...

Poor Hallie! I can understand her not wanting to eat in the "cafe". Taft HATES places that he says are too loud also. Even in his Pre-K class, they eat lunch in their rooms. I am sure we will have this same problem next.
I pray that Hallie gets better soon!