Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Practically "Pikasco"

Last weekend, Hallie celebrated one of her ballet friend's birthday at one of her favorite places--Practically Pikasso ("Pikasco" if you're Hallie).  She looked forward to this party the second she got the invitation and talked about what she might paint.  The party was super sweet with a delicious cake and adorable cookie favors!  Hallie painted a cute little owl and had the best time!  Hallie loves painting, so this party was right up her alley!  Thanks for a fun birthday party, Lily!

Look at this adorable cake!


Harper slept through most of Lily's party. :o)

My little artist and her owl. :o)

 Working hard...

The birthday girl and her mommy!  Two beautiful gals!

Hallie and Ivy (another ballet friend)

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