Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two Months

Happy two months, Little One. You have no idea how you have made my heart grow bigger than I could have imagined. You are so precious. And I do believe you're getting used to this thing called life. You are technically two months and one day. I didn't snap your picture before your well-child visit yesterday and you weren't feeling quite yourself after three shots and an oral dosage of a vaccination.

What's going on with your two month are holding your head like a champ, but you're not out of the bobble head woods yet. You aren't a huge fan of tummy time, but we are working on it. You hold onto our hands, and have started holding on a little bit to our shirts when we are carrying you around. You eat like a champ nursing 8-12 times a day, and I love that time with you. You take many naps throughout the day. You wake up around 7:30 and take your first nap around 9:30-10. Then you take another good nap around 1:00. And another in the evening. And you take several cat naps in between. It won't be long before you're on an actual schedule. For now, you eat on demand nap when you want. You are smiling more every day and love to "talk" to me. You coo and have the sweetest high pitched squeal. A lot of mornings, you enjoy a little chat with your Nonna over FaceTime. Thank goodness for modern day technology! You're pushing up with your legs, batting and kicking at objects on your playmat, and are turning into a happy little baby. The best is yet to come! There for a little while, you were very "opinionated" about most everything. But like I said before, you're getting used to this thing called life. You are incredibly loved by your big sister...and she often thinks she is the mommy. You've given her a few smiles...and I know she will more than likely be the one to get your first laugh out!

Oh, you are so precious to us. We are thankful beyond words for your precious little life! Having you here is such a blessing...even as I continue to adjust to being a mommy of two.

Happy two months (9 weeks old tomorrow!), Little One! I love you so so much.

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Becky said...

I love those precious cheeks!! :) What a beautiful baby girl!