Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm Eloise, I'm six!

Halloween 2012 is in the books as a success.  Hallie always chooses what she wants to be for Halloween.  And I'm proud to say that with the exception of last year (Strawberry Shortcake), her costumes have always been pretty unique and original.  This year was no different--Hallie wanted to be Eloise.  And I truly think if there were another Eloise movie in the making, Hallie would fit the part to a T! :o)  I was going to make Harper's costume--a sack of potatoes.  But time just got away from me.  So we decided last minute (literally) that Harper would be Baby Eloise.  Hallie LOVED the idea, so that was fun!  Hallie said, "I'm Eloise, I'm six.  She's Baby Eloise, she's zero."  Ha!

We stopped by our almost neighbor's house (and friend and teacher at our school) on the way to our church's fall festival.  Hallie actually got to say "trick-or-treat" hindsight, there were a few other houses we should have stopped by, but we were running a little behind anyway.  Hallie had a lot of fun at the fall festival and saw several little friends.  Harper hung with us the whole time thanks to RahRah who took Harper out into the hallway and snuggled her for a while. :o)

My little Eloises. :o)

Harper and RahRah--look at those eyes!  Oh my!

Hallie loved this bouncy house...there was a HUGE ball hanging from the top.  Four kids were on little pedestals, and they tried to knock each other off.  They all fell on purpose...of course. :o) 

Hallie and Memory

Rope the horse--Hallie was really good at this!


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