Friday, January 4, 2013

Four Months

02 December 2012

Our sweet little blessing is FOUR months young!  I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing.  Baby #2 is so much easier (in many ways, not all ways)...I think because we are simply more at ease.  We are absolutely in love and cannot imagine life without or two little girls!

Harper at 4 months
Weight: 15 lbs 14 oz
Height: 24 3/4 inches

Eating Habits:
When Harper is home with me, she nurses every 2-3 hours, depending on her mood.  I am very much for on demand nursing.  If I know when I am hungry, surely Harper does, too. :o)

When Harper is with Miss Amy, she eats every 2.5-3 hours anywhere from 5 to 8 ounces (again, depending on her sweet mood! Ha!).  

What does Harper do during the week?
Harper stays with a precious friend during her days while Hallie and Mommy are at school.  She could not be more loved.  I get little updates here and there including pictures, and that just warms my heart.  Harper has tummy time, Bumbo time, walks outside, and is talked to and read to often...not to mention she gets to go out to lunch with Amy and Joe where she makes instant friends! :o)  I am so blessed to have somewhere to take Harper for her very important first months months where she gets one-on-one attention!  Amy will be welcoming her own little bundle toward the end of March!  

Time spent with Mommy and Daddy:
During the weekends and holidays, I try to soak in every moment of Harper's baby-ness!  We love to help her with tummy time (though she hates it), read to her, talk with her (she's such a sweet conversationalist), and snuggle up to her.  Those times are just precious.  And Harper loves her big sister!  Hallie can get Harper to laugh like no one else.  Hallie is such a great big sister, helping to calm Harper when she's upset and being a big helper for Mommy and Daddy!  On the weekends, Harper also lets us know when she has had enough and when she's ready for some alone time in her swing so she can talk to the baby in the mirror. :o)

Discoveries and Milestones:
*Eye contact and recognition of familiar faces...when she looks at me, I know she is looking AT me.  It is the most heartwarming feeling!
*Laughter...FULL ON GIGGLES!  We caught her first giggle on 18 November.  It was precious.  Now we get giggles out of her all the time!
*Harper reaches for objects with purpose and bats at her toys.  She can pick up objects but hasn't quite figured out how to loose them from her grip. :o)
*Last week (28 Nov), I was looking at a board book with her and it seemed that she purposely grabbed the page to turn it.  She loves the feel of different textures and really seems to enjoy looking at books (just like her big sister!).
*Harper has been sleeping through the night for some time now.  She gets ready for bed at 6:30 with a pajama change, diaper change, and nursing...she is usually asleep by 7:15.  Very soon I will add a storybook into her bedtime routine. :o)  She wakes up (happy and talking) around 6:30 to nurse and sometimes goes back to sleep, but not very often.  
*Naps...Harper usually takes three naps during the day.  Her morning nap is always her longest. 

We are so proud of our happy girl.  I say all the time that I am so thrilled she has turned into a happy baby because those first few weeks were absolutely questionable!  I thought I was never going to get the easy going, peaceful baby I had prayed for.  Ha!  She has quickly changed...she really is an easy going baby.  Harper cries when she needs something or when she's unhappy, but it is the sweetest little cry I've ever heard! :o)

I cannot wait to see how our little sweetie continues to grow and learn!

Happy Four Months!

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