Saturday, January 5, 2013

iPhone Christmas Break

Top: Snowgirl Harper; Sickly Hallie
Middle: Our packed car ready for Alabama; Hallie; Whitney the Elf
Bottom: Harper taking a break; Hallie in Starbucks

Clockwise (Top L): Pumpkin Spice Latte; My girls; Harper in her Jenny Jumpup; Uncle Kelly & Harper; Steph and Kendra

Clockwise (Top L): Hallie in the snow flurries; Harper practicing sitting up; Moe got left at the movies and Mommy rescued him in the pouring rain; The girls with Nonna; Pop & Harper taking their daily walk around the house

Clockwise (Top L): Tummy Time; My sleeping angle; Uncle Kelly is so snuggly with Harper...she went right to sleep at dinner; New boots!

Clockwise (Top L): Breakfast with Aunt Steph @ Cracker Barrel; Harper's showing us her tongue...and feeling better after being a little sickly; Harper can drive, too; Bathtime at Nonna's; Hallie snuggled up, feeling better after a stomach bug

Clockwise (Top L): Harper traveled from Alabama to Texas on her 5 month birthday; Puzzle time with Hallie; Harper constantly chews on her there a tooth trying to pop up?; Sweet baby; Big Sister reading to Little precious!

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