Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Stay at Home Gang

Hallie had a sickly weekend...had a spend the night "party" with Gramps and RahRah and had to be picked up early due to coughing, fever, and general puniness. So far, 2013 is not our year! Today Hallie lost her perfect attendance status. 83 days straight of kindergarten with perfect attendance and day 84 was her day to lose that status. Bless her bones. She was pretty upset by that. Nevertheless, she had had fever and needed to stay home. Jonathan decided to keep Harper home, too...just for kicks and giggles (literally). The trio had a day of cartoons, movies, naps and rest (more naps, rest and tummy time for Harper than cartoons).

Hallie had a doctor's appointment and found the culprit of her illness to be bronchitis. Or as she says, "bromytis". Haha. Some antibiotics should have that little girl better in no time!

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