Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hallie is one of two student council representatives in her kindergarten class--she was the alternate and got to start going to the meetings in January. Pretty cute. Next week, she will give a speech in hopes of being elected for the single position of First Grade Executive Board. She has 3 girlie candidates running against her...all with catchy slogans and one is in her class and a sweet friend. Hallie hasn't perfected her speech just yet, but she decided to keep her campaign posters clean-cut and to the point. All the posters from all the candidates throughout the school are pretty cute. Next week, the older kids will give speeches to the entire school. The little ones will give speeches to their grade level.  When talking about her speech, we asked what she would say. She said, "I'll say: I'm Hallie and I'm sweet. Vote for me."  I'll let you know how the elections go and if our girl gets the kindergarten vote. :o)

Also, when I asked her what "first grade executive board" meant, she said, "I don't know...but it sure is a big word!" 

Makes me smile. 

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Kyetra said...

Those are so cute! Good luck Hallie!