Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nonna & Pop's Girls


Each summer (or each visit) I try to take some pictures of the cousins together.  This year we added a new face--sweet Harper.  I think this was one of the hardest times I have ever had trying to get a picture!  It was hot.  The gnats really liked Abby.  And the girls just weren't really interested in having their picture taken.  Ha.  I think I got a few cute ones, though.  Of course, that part really isn't that hard when the pictures are of these four cute faces!

My absolute favorite.

(Sadly, I forgot to take my first born's picture and took it after all the others...and I couldn't get the lighting right...and she was pretty much done)

 And now...some of the "ACTUAL" shots that were taken.  Haha.

This one just makes me laugh.  I was so frustrated at this point because Jonathan was out there "helping" me...only he wasn't.  He was telling them to smile like vampires.  Sigh.


Kyetra said...

Smile like vampires? What is that boy thinking.
I love all of them but my fav is the same as yours. Great minds do think alike.

Kendra said...

I know,right? Like he knows how a vampire smiles. Lol.

Yes, yes. Great minds! ;o)