Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On the Road Again


Heading back to Alabama after a week in Texas...we made several stops along the way, but over all it was a very nice trip!  We headed to Dallas to go to Grapevine Mills to eat at Rainforest Cafe.  The girls absolutely loved it.  Harper was mesmerized.  It was a lot of fun.  We browsed the mall a bit and finally got on the road a little later than anticipated.  But we really weren't on a set schedule.  After many hours of driving, we stayed the night in Louisiana and got up and headed to Duck Commander.  Abby was *SO* excited about stopping in Monroe, LA.  And she was *EXTREMELY* disappointed that they weren't at the warehouse.  We still had a fun time there and it was pretty neat!  We made pretty good time getting back to Heflin with all our stops along the way.  But we were all thankful to be back "home"!

Fun times!

Monroe, Louisiana

Heading into the warehouse

The warehouse was not air conditioned.  Thankfully, the purchase area was!  Whew!  It was HOT!


Sweet girl!  She was a real trooper!

Here's Nonna with her Duck Commander merchandise...that we could have gotten at Wal-Mart!  Ha!
Seriously...if one takes the time to stop at the ACTUAL place, the least they could have was maybe the city on it or something to distinguish it from the EXACT SAME SHIRT in every Wal-Mart in America.  I'm just saying. 

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