Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sequins and Smiles


After a whirlwind trip to Alabama, we headed back to Texas for Hallie's dance recital...two extra passengers in tow--Nonna and Abby!  So fun!  We got home on Thursday and Hallie's recital was both Saturday and Sunday.  We were exhausted...but our whirlwind summer beginning was coming to an end and hopefully we were going to get to slow down a little!

 Back on Texas soil!

Found this jewel of a picture just now...I had forgotten I had taken it.  I had intended on taking pictures of all the girls...but it was so blooming hot, Abby was the only one who would cooperate!  Ha!

Dress Rehearsal.  8 am on 06.15.13

Sweet dance friends
Ivy, Lily, Hallie and Sarah

We love Hallie's dance teacher, Miss Amanda!

Recital 2013!

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