Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The House at the End of the Bumpy Road


That house belongs to my sweet cousin and BFF, Stephanie.  The Clevelands moved into a new house a little over a year ago (I think) and we finally got to see it!  It is an adorable house literally at the end of a bumpy road.  It's SO cute.  It has a very beachy feel...I just love it!  And it has it all--a basement...cute kitchen...balcony off Nora's room...and an attic that could be a cool playroom.  I love it.  And as usual, Stephanie has it decorated just so.  Someday I will not feel like I still live in a college apartment.  Someday.  Haha. I'm just an itsy bit jealous, if I'm being honest. ;o)  But I am SO proud of it for them!

Hallie loved playing in Nora's cool room with the new puppy, Ellie; and Harper just enjoyed getting into everything...especially the little fake candles.  Ha!  We enjoyed delicious burgers and fries and some yummy brownies!  I can't wait to get together again!  Great times!

Look at this great photo corner on the stairs!
Love this sweet little girl!

 Jonathan was very tolerant patient in trying to get a picture of the girls.  It was not easy.  I mean, it was NOT easy!  First of all, my sweet darling of a husband does not count when taking pictures.  You're either ready or you're not.  And as you can see, most of us were never ready.  HA!

Maybe you notice sweet Nora with her chin covered?  There's a Band-Aid covering a little scratch.  So cute!

This was probably the best.  Of course, Steph looks gorgeous as usual. :o)

Cute little girls!

It was such a rainy, dreary, muggy day...but not rainy enough to hang upside down!

And it was so humid, the lens was fogging up!

We had so much fun!  Thanks for having us!  We cannot wait to do it again!  Goodness, how I wish we lived closer together!!


Stephanie said...

ah, I wish you lived closer and you could come over more often. we so enjoyed having you guys. let's do it again soon, yes? love y'all!

Kendra said...

Absolutely!! Love y'all!