Monday, August 5, 2013

Four Shots and a Finger Prick

Today was Harper's one year well-child visit.  And it started out pretty great.  We love our pediatrician and the office staff.  We had actually just been one day last week because we feared Harper might have an ear infection with all the fussing and ear-pulling she was doing.  Thankfully, her ears were clear (then and today).  Harper was greeted by her sweet nurse, Veronica.  And the checklist of "can she" questions was asked.  Can she point to things she wants--yes.  Does she play interactive games--all sorts.  Is she walking--um, no.  And does she have to?  Then on to the vitals.  Harper got to sit on the big girl scale and she had a blast doing so!  Then she had to lay down on the measurement table and she did NOT enjoy that.  At all.  As in, she probably lost at least two inches on her length because of all the trashing and non-complying she was exhibiting. :o)

After all that, Dr. Burns came in and did the rundown of another series of questions.  Yes, she is dumping buckets and has been for several months now.  Yes, she's putting things into buckets.  Yes, she's reaching for things and trying to walk and pulling up and cruising on the furniture.  Nope.  She is not talking.  At all.  Oh, she'll say "Mama" and "Dada" on occasion.  But she'd rather not waste her time.  She knows who we are.  She knows a multitude of things.  She is following simple commands--"Give this to Daddy"..."Hand Mommy the toy" and so on.  She looks at the person (or animal) when you call a name.  She's very honest when you ask if she has something in her mouth, too.  But the words just aren't flowing.  Oh, she talks.  Her own language.  All the time and rather loudly.  But mostly when Hallie isn't around.  The suggestion from the doctor made me giggle.  First she said that Harper is one part lazy (so true) and one part...hmm...overshadowed, perhaps.  In other words, she can't get a darn word in edgewise with Hallie around!  So, it was suggested that we spend some one-on-one time with her to help her get to talking.  My thought is that Hallie talks enough for four if Harper isn't talking...oh fine.  I know Harper needs to be talking.  Thankfully, we know she can hear.  We know she can follow commands.  She is talked *with* CONSTANTLY and we read books to her every single day.  So the words will come.  And when they do...well, then Mommy and Daddy surely won't be able to ever hold a conversation with each other again during the daylight hours.  And it will be wonderful, I'm sure! :o)

Blissfully unaware of anything that might take place in the next 30 shots.

Big girl!  So cute!

Happy as a clam...pre-shots.  We love Dr. Burns!

Four *separate* shots and a finger prick to check for anemia later, we're heading home.  She is so cute with this little Band-Aid on her finger.  She kept rubbing it.  

Sweet girl fell asleep on the way home and slept for 2.5 hours.  We're praying she won't have any side effects from the shots.  So far she is sleeping pretty peacefully!

Harper Stats I want to remember...
*28 inches long (though again, probably longer)
*20 lbs 8 oz
*Loves watermelon, blueberries, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, yogurt
*Will try anything if it's chased with yogurt :o)
*Stands for a few seconds by herself
*Waves hello and good-bye
*Loves our dog, Charley...and LOVES sharing her food with him
*Thinks Big Sister Hallie is the cat's one can get Harper giggling like Hallie
*Loves being outside and loves playing in the water
*Enjoys reading...favorite books: Goodnight Gorilla, Goodnight Moon, The Belly Button Book
*Enjoys standing at the play kitchen
*Crawls from one place to another faster than I can turn around...stealth-like
*Does not sleep through the night...this is something we will be working on as I realize she is a healthy baby girl and no longer needs a middle-of-the-night feeding...but maybe I need to give her one!
*Goes to sleep around 7:30, wakes a few times in the middle of the night and is usually up by 7:30
*Nurses 3 times a day--morning, before nap, before bed
*Eats 3 meals a day and one snack
*Likes cow's milk...but isn't completely sold on it just yet

Harper will be having her FIRST birthday party on Saturday--Milk & Cookies!  We cannot wait.  I'm busy with lots of cute little things to make it super special.  I have a feeling Miss Priss is going to love her some cake and cookies! :o)

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