Saturday, September 21, 2013

Little chef

Hallie made supper tonight...almost entirely by herself. I found some quick supper recipes on Pinterest and this one is definitely a keeper! Hallie had so much fun cutting the dough and pressing them into the mini muffin tin. In fact, except for breaking open the pizza dough roll and putting them into the oven, she did the rest on her own! They were delicious and will definitely be on the menu in the near future. 

Mini pizzas...
*can of Pillsberry pizza dough
*pozza sauce
*cheese (we used a pizza mix)
*pepperoni (we used turkey pepperoni...the "real" recipe calls for mini pepperoni)

Heat oven to 415^ and cook for 10-13 minutes (or until golden brown). 

We used a mini muffin tin. The recipe I found used a regular size muffin tin and said with that degree setting, hers weren't quite cooked all the way through. So if you use a regular muffin tin, you might want to add a few minutes. 

We were pleasantly surprised at how delicious these little mini pizzas were! And there was plenty to eat! Delicious. 

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