Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning

Did you know you could get cute little girls
at Old Navy?!

Seeing my presents for the first time!

I love my activity cube! Thanks, Nonna and Pop!

Hallie trying to push her Hungry Hippo! She
took a few steps with it!

Uncle Kelly and Hallie

Abby got Tinker Toys!

Jonathan with Hallie and Abby

Eating the bow off Daddy's present

Helping Pop unwrap his present--Hallie loves
tearing off paper!

Pop being silly!

Abby loved her new baby doll stroller!

1 comment:

Misti said...

Looks like Christmas was great for Hallie Shea! I can't believe how Abby has grown! Seems like yesterday she was as little as Hallie. Friend, I hope that your Christmas was as great as Hallie's! Love ya!