Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hallie's First Christmas

Jonathan had a blast celebrating Hallie's first Christmas with her today! She was so cute, exploring her Santa loot. After everyone was up, we put Hallie down in the hallway and led her to the Christmas tree in the living room. She crawled in and saw a miniature version of Toys 'R Us right before her eyes! She only got distracted once during her journey to the toys (small pieces of paper are really amazing to her!). Nonna and Pop had gotten Hallie all sorts of fun toys (grandparents reserve that right), and Jonathan and I tried to stick to getting her three gifts to represent the Three Wise Men (we did get her a few "stocking stuffers", too). No one knew what she would go for. Jonathan and I were excited when she went for one of the gifts Mommy and Daddy had gotten for her--a LeapFrog Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo (we'll be singing "Spin, Spin a Letter" in our sleep tonight!). She had seen this before at her great-aunt's house and also at Wal-Mart, so we thought it was neat that she remembered it. She went right up to it, gave it a spin, and started clapping.

Hallie got to meet several of her great-aunts and cousins today at my grandmother's house. She had been cranky all morning because she didn't take a good nap and she has been a little congested (again). But once she got into Mawmaw's house, she warmed right up and turned on her Hallie charm! She was crawling all over that house!

We've had a great day celebrating our Savior's birth and spending time with family. It was nice to come back to my parents' house and relax before putting Hallie to bed. We've spent the day enjoying watching Hallie enjoy her new toys and I imagine we'll spend a good part of tomorrow doing the same!

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