Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Napping + Teething = Tears

OK...warning: this post is a little sad. Sweet Hallie is teething...badly (if you can teethe badly). She has been working on her top teeth for a few weeks now, and one of them has finally broken through the gum. She is gnawing on everything in sight and leaving a puddle of slobber behind! Her naps have been cut short the past couple of days because she seems to be waking up in pain. Today she had been soundly asleep for about 30 minutes when she woke up crying (OK, screaming). Below is the sad, pitiful (but still oh-so-cute) face that greeted me when I opened her door (don't worry, the camera was close by--she wasn't screaming forever). Thankfully, the sight of Mommy or Daddy calms her rather quickly. If you're wondering...no, Hallie did not drift back off into dreamland. After this fiasco, we got dressed and went to visit Daddy! :o)

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