Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Caution! No grippers!

This is just a cute, little story I feel the need to share about our little pumpkin head. Side note: whenever we call her pumpkin head, Hallie begins to pump her tiny little fist in the air for us to chant "Pumpkin Head! Pumpkin Head!"...it's pretty cute. :o)

So while Hallie and I were in Alabama, my mom bought Hallie two new pairs of pajamas...with cute little grippers on the soles of the feeties! This is useful as Hallie is walking now. During our move to Waco, Jonathan and I stopped at the outlets in Round Rock (FABULOUS!) and ventured into The Children's Place outlet store where we bought Hallie four new pairs of gripper, footie pajamas (two for now, two for later). Our new apartment has hardwood floors and tile throughout except in the bedrooms, so these grippers are quite needed.

On to the story...

Last night, I pulled out some pajamas that did not, in fact, have grippers on the bottom of the feet. Jonathan asked why I had chosen them and I simply replied that she'd be outgrowing them soon and wanted Hallie to get more use out of them. He agreed and put them on our little pumpkin head. After Jonathan put Hallie's pajamas on her, he stood her up on the floor of the living room and told her that she needed to be careful because her pajamas were slippery on the floor.

Here's what happened...

Hallie took two or three cautious steps. The movement stopped...she pointed down to her feet and looked over at her daddy. She then proceeded to take a seat in the floor. She studied the bottoms of her feet disapprovingly, looking up at Jonathan like she could not believe he had put these pajamas on her. I mean, what was he thinking?! As if this weren't enough to let us know that she was not happy with these pajamas, she started pointing at the bottoms of her feet and doing her little "uh-uh, da da da" to let us know that she was not happy! I fully believe she was getting onto us! I guess Hallie can't walk anymore unless she has grippers on the bottoms of her pajamas, because she held her arms up and wouldn't walk the rest of the night!

She never ceases to amaze me. :o)

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