Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hallie's Zoo-bilee

We took our first family outing today as residents of Waco! We took Hallie to the Cameron Park Zoo. We all had a blast! We all enjoyed seeing all the wonderful animals. Hallie really enjoyed the fish, otters, and apes! By the end of our afternoon, we were all tuckered out. This blog is slightly heavy on pictures...but I mean, a picture says a thousand words, right?!

Two little lady bugs!

Galapagos Turtle (these guys were HUGE!)

The majestic Bald Eagle

Daddy & Hallie watching the Gibson apes swing
in their little habitat

Gibson Ape

Hallie loved watching the Sea Otters swimming around...
they were so playful! They would swim in circles and then
push off of the glass when they got to a person!

Hallie and the Big Black Bear (can you see him?)

The fishies

I loved this guy--a Sloth! He was so lazy...he would
sit snuggled up in a ball and then every now and then
he would lean over backwards to drink water!

Our little butterfly

Beautiful Tiger!

Ooh...these were some of my favorites...the
Lemurs were SO cute!


So sweet!

Cute little Meerkat

Fun family outing!

Sleepy Hallie

Ready for bed after a fun afternoon!


Scroggins Family said...

Sounds like you all had a FUN day! I love all the pics, but the one of her walking beside her daddy is precious! Hope you are enjoying Waco and getting settled in

Love ya!

Melanie and Scott said...

What a fun trip to the zoo!! I can't wait to do fun outings like this!! :) The little ladybugs and the little butterfly are too cute!! I'm glad ya'll are settling into Waco. Love you!