Saturday, April 26, 2008

I got this post is (obviously) not about Hallie!

My friend, Lindsey, "tagged" me so now you're about to know some useless information about me! I actually got tagged by my friend, Joy, last week...I was supposed to list 100 things. So sorry, Joy. Since this blog is pretty much heavy on the Hallie...I just couldn't do it. :o) This one I can do, though! :o)

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago, 1998...I was finishing up my junior year of college! I had changed my major from Architecture to Education. I was living in Auburn, AL in Concourse 2A with some fun girls! I was working at Anders Bookstore and enjoying college. :o)

2. Five Things on my To Do List Today (since it's Saturday night, I'll do tomorrow's list.):
*It's not a "to do", but I'll be going to church with the fam and having lunch. :o)
*Fold the mountain of laundry that's in my bedroom floor
*Start cleaning up the apartment for my parents' arrival Tuesday (YAY!)
*Take boxes to our storage unit
*Get the state inspection for my car

3. Five Snacks I enjoy
*Sweet Tea (not as hard to find in Waco as it was in San Antonio)
*Fried Pickles with Ranch (me, too Lindsey!)
*Cereal (morning, noon, and night)
*Wheat Bagels with Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese
*Kit Kats (yummy!)

4. Five Things I would do if I were a Billionaire
*Give to our church
*Pay off all our debts
*Buy a beach house
*Stay home with Hallie instead of going back to work
*Fly to AL/Fly my parents and friends to TX anytime we wanted

5. Five Bad Habits
*Not folding laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer
*Laying things down and not remembering where I put them
*Biting my nails
*Drinking too much sweet tea
*Freaking out over little things

6. Five Places I've Lived
*Heflin, AL
*Auburn, AL
*Stockbridge, GA
*San Antonio, TX
*Waco, TX

7. Five Jobs I've Had
*Baton Instructor
*Dance Instructor
*Cashier at Anders Bookstore
*Office Manager with World Changers
*3rd grade teacher

Now, you're IT! :o)

Let's see...I tag Kristen and Dana...if you want to play, that is. :o) And I'll tag whoever else got tagged by the 100 things and just wants something easier!


The Breeden Family said...

Yeah, the 100 tag thing was really hard to do!!! But we still love reading about you too anytime!

The Canada's said...

I'm so glad I didn't get tagged for the 100 things. I found this one much easier.

I can't believe sweet tea is hard to find in Texas! I have actually found a place up here that has fried pickles. I could eat them everyday!